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The Bell Sisters is owned by three sisters; Olivia, Rosanna and Sasha L'Estrange-Bell.

They have built up a huge portfolio between the 3 of them - what started as simply something they loved experimenting and playing around with, turned into their own business, which has now been running successfully for over 8 years. They have a huge portfolio of stunning photographs they've spent years building. 

Their photography skills are entirely self-taught - continually building and developing their skills and eye. They capture true beauty - using natural light and their own processing tools which they also additionally sell worldwide to other photographers - this being another side to their work.

They capture the most beautiful, happy and magic moments in life, all their photographs have a wonderful essence of abundance, happiness, love and courage.

In particular, their Jump Photography has been an enormous and unique addition to their photographs, their jump photography has been some of their most sought-after photographs featured and used by famous brands for campaigns on Lloyds banking apps, Nestlé cereal boxes, billboards in airpots, train stations, underground tubes, book covers by world-famous authors such as Nicholas Sparks, author of 'The Notebook' along with an overwhelming amount of photographs featured online on top publication websites.

One of their photographs of Sasha L'Estrange-Bell, was used to create "The Ülemiste Girl", a 1780 square meter mural - the largest mural in the Baltics - 1780 sq. 800 litres of paint.

A great highlight of the licensing and commercial side of their work - however another significant side of it is simply selling their photographs as wall art individuals to brighten up people's homes - in a variety of finishes such as canvas, prints and more.

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